Individual Therapy


Individual therapy aims at expanding your emotional horizons to give you increased freedom and a greater sense of aliveness.

Sessions are 45-50 minutes, and prices are negotiated with each individual therapist. PPO insurance policies may pay a portion of the fee. 

Couples Therapy


The focus of conjoint therapy is the dominant emotional dynamics  that are creating impasses and pain. By illuminating those feelings, blocks can be removed and both people can achieve the clarity they need to take more positive steps.

Sessions are from 45-90 minutes. Price varies depending on the length of sessions. PPO insurance may pay a portion of the fee.

Group Therapy


Our present therapy groups are for men and are facilitated by Dr. David Perlman. They are primarily centered on the principles outlined by Dr. Robert Glover in No More Mr. Nice Guy. 

There are several groups each week.  Groups are limited to 7 participants. Sessions are 90 minutes long and the price is fixed for all members. Currently it is $50-65, depending on the group,

Therapy for Men


 Men’s issues are a particular specialty of mine and my associates; we have been working with men and masculinity for the past seven years. You can read more about what we offer here:

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Low-Cost Therapy


My associates offer some sliding scale fees based on financial need. You can read more about them in our section on Low-cost therapy.

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At present, the workshops I offer are monthly and for men. Click on the button below to find out more about them.

Also, I will soon be offering workshops and online classes in Assertiveness, Nice Guy Syndrome, and Overcoming Depression. Watch for them.

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