How I Work

While I have a basic approach that guides my thinking, no two people’s emotional lives are structured the same, and so your treatment will always be tailored to your individual needs. These needs – for living a good life and relating well to others – depend upon the smooth functioning of your affect system; in other words, emotions.

Head and Ladder Emotions serve many critical functions, including information, activation, valuation, motivation, and communication. Without them, we would be literally incapable of navigating our way around our world. Right now, you may be thinking, “But I have emotional issues, and I need to get rid of my problematic feelings.” It is not the emotions themselves that are the issue, however. It is the way they are being unconsciously strangulated, so that healthy emotions are not available for proper use.

When you come in and talk about what is bothering you and what doesn’t work in your life, I work to bring to light the unconscious emotional organizing principles that underlie your personal and interpersonal dynamics. Once they are revealed, we explore all the ways they function in your overall relational world. In other words, we strive to make sense of your feelings.

As your rigid emotional rules are fully understood, they begin to lose their iron grip, and you then gain access to the complete range of your feeling life. With a rich, well-functioning affect system, you will have the freedom to make healthier and more adaptive choices for your life. You can then become that emotionally strong and socially resilient person you have always wanted to be, one who will thrive and succeed in the real world.

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