Emotional Issues I Treat

Here are some of the issues with which I can help you:

Emotional Issues:
Hyperthymia (Uncontrolled emotions)
Alexithymia (Out of touch with emotions)
Limited Range of Emotions
Troubling Dreams and Nightmares

Personal Issues:
Repetitive behaviors
Personality Problems
Impulse Control Problems
Lack of Personal Satisfaction
Low Self Esteem
Reluctance to Take Risks
Stagnation and Lack of Growth
Fear of Change

Interpersonal Issues:
Relationship Problems
Intimacy and Commitment
Social Phobia and Isolation
Lack of Interpersonal Success
Compliance and Submissiveness
Aggressiveness and Rebellion

Work and Career Issues:
Lack of Growth or Success
Problems Selling Yourself
Financial Stagnation
Lack of Direction
Creative Blocks
Problems Working with Employees
Problems Working with Bosses and Colleagues

Artistic Issues:
Difficulty Fulfilling the Dream
Creative Blocks
Hesitance to Sell Yourself
Trouble Coping with Difficult Personalities
Financial Instability

Men’s Issues:
Trying to be a Nice Guy (it doesn’t work!)
Lack of Relationships with Other Men
Difficulty with Healthy Maleness
Aggressiveness and Competition
Lack of Emotional Openness
Rage and Anger
Dealing with Women (What do they Really want?)

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